The Ninth of Av (Tisha B’av)

Outside of the temple showing the destruction

Tisha B’av means “The ninth of Av”. It isn’t just an average date on the Jewish calendar, it is a day of mourning for the Jewish people worldwide.  For 2014, the ninth of Av lands on the evening of August 4th and ends on the evening of the 5th. There a long list of tragedies…

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Our Previous Trip to Israel in May 2014

The Sea of Galilee

On May 17th we started off on our 27th “Holy Land Tour”.  This trip was going to be difficult because I did not have my dad with us.  Actually, I wouldn’t even have been on this trip if my dad were still around. In December of 2013 he passed away.  At that point, he and…

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The Palestinian Problem

Israel Flag

This post (or really my personal web site) is prompted by what has been happening lately in Israel.  I have been bombarding FaceBook with news clips and articles but I feel like other people’s opinions isn’t enough.  I’m wanting to post my thoughts about it. It is amazing how little I understood about this place called…

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