Effectiveness of Israeli Operations in Gaza

The U.N. is in the forefront of condemning the nation of Israel, and are almost the definition of anti-Semitic. Israel is constantly having to defend themselves with troops and missiles, and the have to defend their usage of such things in the following days. It is a never ending process. Hamas or Hezbollah shoots rockets, Israel defends, Israel is the bad guy.

Hopefully just by looking at the information provided below you will realize why Israel eventually attacks. It isn’t as if after one rocket they have troops on the ground. Israel has been very patient with their enemies.

Here are some statistics I was able to compile from various articles on Wikipedia.

April 2001 – First rockets fired from Gaza

20014 attacks
200235+ attacks(up 775%)
2003155+ attacks(up 343%)
2004281+ attacks4 dead(up 81%)
20051255 attacks2 dead(up 346%)

2005 September: Israel gives Gaza to the Palestinians in hope of peace

The Jews living in Gaza are forced to leave in the name of peace,

giving them what they wanted, without question causes a record number of attacks

20061777 attacks2 dead371 injured(up 42%)
20072807 attacks2 dead578 injured(up 58%)
20083716 attacks8 dead611 injured(up 32%)

Israeli Operation Cast Lead

The number of rockets go down

2009858 attacks11 injured(down 77%)
2010365 attacks1 dead35 injured(down 57%)
2011680 attacks2 dead81 injured(up 86%)

Israel implements the Iron Dome

Intercepts 87% of the rockets

20122273 attacks6 dead284+ injured(up 234%)

Israeli Operation Pillar of Defense

The number of rockets go down

201344 attacks(down 98%)
20143055 attacks1 dead16 injured(up 1500% and counting)

Israeli Operation Protective Edge

I can’t blame Israel for getting involoved in operations in Gaza every few years.  The statistics shows that the number of attacks go down every time they crack down on them.

Lets pretend you are the President of the United States and Cuba decides to drop a missile into the Florida Keys. Ok, maybe it was a lowly populated island, so, that is ok. But what if the next day they drop in 10 or 20. Sure, they aren’t nuclear, but you get the picture. At some point, the U.S. would attack.

The attack would be extreme. We would not tolerate such actions for long. Now put yourself in Israel’s shoes. Why is Israel always condemned when they are defending themselves?

The “featured image” on this page come from Wikimedia.


  1. Mark Gainey on August 12, 2014 at 5:07 pm

    I just got a e-mail this morning that you posted this through Google+. Loved the article!! I found myself yelling at the TV screen every time NBC (or the like) has one of their on-site journalists criticized Israel after a school got demolished. However, NBC and CNN (alongside FoxNews) this past week *finally* acknowledged that Hamas missiles were being launched near these schools. Both David Gregory of NBC and Anderson Cooper of CNN did take the Palestinian spokespeople to task on how Hamas would place missile launchers! Palestinian have to OUST Hamas and stop blaming Israel, if they TRULY want peace. Just my 2c worth…

    • Aaron Reimann on August 15, 2014 at 12:22 am

      That is a good two cents. I tweeted Hannity the other day because he is the most pro-Israel person in the media, at least the most sane one. I told him that I think it is awesome that he took his show to Israel, amidst the rockets launching. Even though there are rockets, it is still safer than New York. (Hmmm…. interesting stats I need to compile) 🙂

  2. peter on January 11, 2016 at 2:05 am

    is not Gaza the dump of that hole area? is giving them that land a good thing?

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