He Flipped Tables

I have been on a path for 10 year of learning and to figure out what is “of God” and what his original intentional when the scriptures were written. Unfortunately, it is hard because of mistranslated, misinterpretation and even the “church” taking advantage of a population that is illiterate. It has been taken over by centuries of man’s sickening desire to control people. What would the church be like if it had not been manipulated? What would it be like if the church were not modeled by Roman pagan services? What if people could have read the Bible and questioned what was taught?

We now have incredible tools for us to figure out what the Bible really says about a specific topics or specific verses. Or with tools like the Blue Letter Bible, you can find out that certain words, for some reason, are translated as “but” really should have been translated as “and.” Matthew 5 is full if mistranslated teaches if you haven’t heard me rant about that before.

But what about the people of the “church?” Is it intentional? It is about the heart. Do church goers intentionally do pagan practices knowing what the root of it? No, of course not. I believe that 99% of the people do these things in hopes to honor God. I do think that there is 1% that actually know the pagan roots and it is just to hard to give up tradition. Trust me that these people exist, I know them. That topic deserves it’s own blog post so I won’t go down that rabbit hole.

Is there any reason to teach the 99% that what has been taught, whether in a sermon or by action, is wrong? Yes, I think so. Yeshua did not come to this earth and teach in subtle ways. He flipped tables when he saw that was happening at the Temple. I don’t think I’ll get much done if I go and start flipping tables, but maybe I’ll be able to flip switches in people heads. Maybe I can show them the light, it will be their responsibility to adjust as they are led.

Is it my time to go to a church and teach what I have been shown? How do I teach my kids what I believe when we go to a church? Am I a hypocrite?



  1. Cindy Clough on July 22, 2018 at 3:22 am

    Aaron, I’ve read this post 3 times now. What an amazing message with such few words! In paragraph 3, I’m one of the 99%. It was only through our trip to Israel that I came to KNOW that God is not honored with my attempts to honor Him at Christmas. I had an inkling – though just in recent years – of the pagan roots of Christmas. Assuming that the accompanying consumerism was the biggest issue, I continued to celebrate it with much diminished hoopla. However, God was speaking to me through you, Samuel, and our tour of the temple of Pan. I can & will no longer celebrate that holiday. It is difficult to break that tradition and I’m not sure how this will look in my life, but I am trusting God to take care of it and use it to start “flipping some switches.” My family has big traditions centered on Christmas, so I know it will be noticed and questioned. As you commented, I will be adjusting as God leads. I feel sure this is but another step along the journey with Christ. After all, the grace message – as opposed to works-based & guilt-led faith I grew up believing – was quite a leap when I first heard it 15 years ago. I firmly believe that He will finish the work He began in all of His children.

    I will be praying for you and your family as you discern the Spirit’s leading – where to go, how to teach your children, how best to “flip switches,” and your continued learning and adjusting. Thank you for your being available to the Spirit to speak, write, lead, and teach!

    And please, go down that rabbit hole with another (or several) posts! I’d love to read your thoughts on that.

    • Aaron Reimann on July 22, 2018 at 8:16 am

      Thanks, and yes, please pray. There are a lot of things to be decided, but when God says to go, we must go. I just don’t know where to go at this point. I really want Him to open the correct doors for us.

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