Why Does “The Left” Support the “Palestine Authority”?

“The Left” are all about equality within different people groups. According to Wikipedia, “Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) rights in Israel are the most tolerant in the Middle East, and among the most tolerant in Asia.” It is true that I never thought I’d be using that link to promote how tolerant Israel is, but for this topic it makes sense. And it is true, Israel is very tolerant. Probably even more so than the U.S.

The Left is also very pro-Palestinian. If you haven’t heard about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (CNN Article), who is the “new face of Democratic Party”, I highly recommend Googling her. She made a big splash concerning the “Palestinian Occupation”, which shows the lack of knowledge from The Left, or at least from her. Watch:

Nonetheless, The Left wants Israel to withdraw from the “occupied areas” that they have so wrongly occupied. If you are an American and are pro-Palestinian, it means that you want Palestine to be self-governing. Which makes me ask, does it mean that you want Sharia law in Palestine?

According to this article, 85% of Palestinians want Sharia law within Palestine. Hamas is the “political party”, or more accurately terrorist organization, that won control over Palestine in somewhat recent elections. Here are are some quotes that the leaders have said:

Director general of the Palestinian interior ministry, Samir Mashharawi, said to the London daily Al-Hayat: “Hamas aims to establish a mini-state in the Gaza Strip modeled on the Taliban [state] in Afghanistan.”.[57]According to Jonathan Fighel, a senior researcher at the International Institute for Counter Terrorism (ICT), the ideological and strategic goal of Hamas is to destroy Israel in order to build on it a Sharia Islamic Taliban-style state.[58] — Wikipedia article 

Do you know what that means concerning women’s rights and equality? According to the Quran, these things are true:

  1. Wives can be beaten
  2. Women have few rights than men
  3. Marriage and Sexual Intercourse with Pre-Pubescent Girls is Permissible

This article has a lot more detail and I do not want to get into because it is disgusting, but if you want the Quran references, feel free to learn more.

Why is The Left so willing to support a group that is ok with treating women this way? Can you imagine what they would do to the LGBT community?

I might lose a friend or two over this post, but it’s just my opinion, and they should be tolerant of it. Food for thought.



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